Q: Can the awards staff be nominated and if so, how can that be fair?

A: For the 2016 awards we're not doing a "pare down" which means all nominations make it to the ballot. All votes are then tabulated and the winners are announced. We do this with an online ballot company and then the honor system and hope, by now, you've come to trust us.

Q: Can you explain a little more about the date rule for fic nominations?

A: Sure! Fics must be published January 1, 2011 or later in order to be nominated in the regular fic category (that means the original publish date, not the last update date). Any works published before January 1, 2011 should be nominated in the Hall of Fame Category.

Q: Who gets emails from the committee and when?
 Nominators get emails only if their nominations are rejected by the committee (in September) or by the nominee (in October). And nominees get emails in October when we write to notify them of their nominations and find out which ones they'd like to accept.

Q: If my nomination is rejected can I make another in its place?

A: Yes, so long as your nomination was rejected during the nomination period (during the month of September). If your nomination was rejected by the nominee in August, then it cannot be replaced.


  1. Each nominator must have a valid and verifiable email address.​
  2. Only completed fics, art or videos are eligible for nomination.
  3. A nominator MAY NOT nominate him- or herself.
  4. No works that have been made available for sale are eligible for nomination.
  5. A working link to the work nominated must be included - no locked LJ/AO3 entries or sites you must log into in order to read the stories. Nominated work must be and remain available online for the entire awards period. If an author/artist/vidder tells us they are planning to remove their work from the internet during the Awards, the nomination will be discarded.
  6. Anon (or orphaned) works cannot be nominated.
  7. Work of any rating may be nominated in any category.  However, no nominations of works depicting sex between persons under the age of consent (or other generally squicky stuff like bestiality) will be accepted.
  8. Each person may nominate no more than three (3) works in each category of each medium.  For example: Sam can nominate three works in the fanfiction categories angst, family, adventure, humor as well as in the fanvid categories [...]. She may not nominate four or more per category. She can also choose to only nominate one or two per category or only submit one nomination in total.
  9. Works nominated in 2014 or 2015 may only be re-nominated in categories in which they did not win. For example: A Jack Story was nominated for Best Jack Centric and Best Comedy during the 2014 or 2015 awards but only won Best Jack Centric. It can be nominated in any category in 2016 except Best Jack Centric.
  10. Winners of the awards for Best Author/Artist/Creator are NOT eligible to be nominated in this category in the year immediately following their win. They will be eligible again in the next cycle so long as they have continued producing fanworks. Their work remains eligible in accordance with the rules governing nominations. For example: if Jack won Best Creator last year, he cannot be nominated again this year. However, if he continues to make awesome videos between now and next year's Awards, then he can be nominated again by then.
  11. ​People or works may be nominated in multiple categories.
  12. A category must have at least three (3) nominations and three (3) individual nominees in order to be in the awards.
  13. Nominees will be asked to accept their nomination(s). If a nominee does not accept a nomination, we will abide by their wishes and inform the nominator of this so they are clear on why the nomination has not been included.
  14. Awards organizers can be nominated and may vote.  Their nominations and/or votes carry no more weight than any other.

 The committee reserves the right to amend or add rules during the nomination period if ambiguous situations      arise or if amendments or additions are deemed otherwise necessary. Efforts to notify participants will be taken.   ​